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Using Coupons to Increase Customer Loyalty

If there is one thing that online shoppers love than a quality product and fast delivery, it isdiscounts. It does not matter how small the discount is, we are all inherently attached to the idea of saving some money. For marketers and business owners, giving out discounts is one of the easiest and efficient ways of enticing potential buyers to purchase your product or service. As consumers, we naturally believe that offs are given for the benefit of the customer. When a brand is giving reasonable and attractive price reduction for their best products, it becomes a factor for the customers to feel more and more loyal to the said brand. Let us see how exactly you can leverage the emotional appeal that your customers have for discounts in order to increase their loyalty.

Who really is a loyal customer?

Before we discuss increasing loyalty through Coupon Codes, it is important that we understand who a loyal customer really is. A loyal customer is someone who always chooses your brand over others due to the positive experience they have had with it. They do not only repeatedly buy your merchandise but also work as an active volunteer promoter of your brand through word of mouth.

It is even more important if your loyal customer is an influencer in a certain area, since that adds even more credibility and exposure to their endorsement. With the close connection of social media networks to the people’s lives, it is very likely that a loyal customer of yours would document and share his or her positive experience with your brand among the peers, making it take a snowball effect and spread the positive word fast and wide. You can add your coupon codes to special websites like Deals 4 Boomers Codes.

How to promote your deals?

One of the most important things about making a loyal customer is making them feel that you, as a brand, truly care about their life. Therefore, you need to be always ready to offer something special and important at significant and more joyful times of their everyday life. This includes popular holidays, special days like birthdays and anniversaries, and once in a while a flash or surprise discount offer ― just because it’s fun! It is all about having a consistent presence and a good amount of incentives flowing throughout the year. This makes your customer have a good deal whenever they need to buy something, thus making them stick to your business. Following are examples of some of the ways that you can offer your coupons. Make sure you track the reach and the usage of each code to get an idea ofyour marketing campaigns performance.

  • Holiday deals;
  • Clearance sales;
  • Seasonal offers;
  • Birthday / Anniversary offers for the subscribers;
  • Referral programs;
  • Discounts for the first time shoppers;
  • Social media exclusive offers; (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Loyalty program offers;
  • Discounts according to a points system that updates every time someone makes a purchase in your online store.

Above are only a few of the many ways that you can get a Coupon Code to your customers. Unlike the very first days of online shopping, everybody has a clear idea about the way e-commerce work and they are likely to always wait for a discount in order to make a purchase, no matter how small the off is. As a business owner, you should always give them a reason not to leave your website without buying through always having a few great Fleshlight promo campaigns going.

How to effectively handle a deal code campaign?

As we discussed, a properly done Coupon Code campaign is a win-win situation for both the business owner and the customer. However, if you do not handle every aspect of the campaign well, there are chances for you to have little or no profit for the efforts. First of all, never offer a discount just because a competitor did so. There are many factors that go into deciding on price reduction size. Too many people try to outdo their competitors by doubling the discount they offer in order to attract the customers. As a result, they end up being in hot water with an utter loss of profit.

When you decide on the special offer, never do it in a way that will generate losses. Even after the discount, you should make enough revenue to at least properly bear the cost of the products or the services you gave the discount for. You should always know what you expect from the deal offer. It could be a certain amount of product sold or a percentage of conversions. It is extremely important that you have a set goal and do your marketing and all the related advertising with keeping that goal in mind. If by any chance, you will not be able to reach that goal, you should conduct the required research and analyze the situation to find out how exactly you should improve the next similar campaign to avoid failure.

The 20/80 rule

When it comes to anything related to digital marketing, following the 20/80 rule is extremely important. To put it simply, if you spent 20% of the time creating and executing the offer, you need to spend 80% of your time promoting it through all the possible online channels like Fleshlight. It does not matter what a great bargain you have if nobody knows that it is happening. This is why you should leverage all the channels you have (social media, email and more) in order to give a good publicity to your campaign.

You can squeeze out the best potential of your social media followers through boosting or sponsoring ads/banners to promote your deal code. Do not forget to use the old school method of email to send out the word on your discount to the registered members of your website or any other email database you have. The more attractive you make it sound, the higher your revenue willgo!

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