Antiques is one of my favorite hobbies. My house is full of them and so is my attic. I collect several different things such as Westmoreland Milk Glass, Wall pictures of little girls wearing white dresses, (like the above little girls, except these are not wearing white dresses), Petalware by Federal Glass Company, old clocks, old radios, old books, and anything victorian. My house is furnished in peach and off white, with a little pink thrown in. Lots of victorian furnishings could be in bright reds, but I chose to stay with the lighter colors and earthtone colors. I have created a couple of other pages that are next to my heart. See Marvelicious Very Victorian Page and Sonya's Tea For Two.

Imperial Glass Company

Imperial Glass Company was organized by an investor group in 1901. The first glass was produced in 1904. Bankruptcy was declared in 1929, but the company continued under receivership, and with the help of an order that came in from Quaker Oats in 1931 for a premium piece, Imperial stayed in business until 1984. Imperial acquired Central Glass Works of Wheeling WV, in 1940, and bought molds from Cambridge Glass Co. and A.H. Heisey Corporation in 1958.

Milk glass production began in the early 1930's growing to nearly 600 line items in the 1950's. The famous "I" over "G" trademark was introduced on Feb. 1, 1951. Also in 1951, twenty-two items were introduced from the Belknap Collection; these were produced from 1955 to 1958 and discontinued completely in 1968. "Doeskin" was a satin finish milk glass introduced about 1950, and sold at high prices for the time. Imperial also did some hand decorated milk glass pieces. The company was sold to Lenox, Incorporated in 1973, at which time the mark was changed to LIG. They closed in 1984.

I have began scanning the pictures that I collect of little girls in white dresses. I will be adding to this often, hopefully!

Over The Garden Wall
By Frederick Morgan
(1846 - 1927)

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