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The awards below were won from August 11, 1999 until present. Marvelicious has not applied for award in an extremely long time. These awards were sent by fellow web page designers who feel our pages deserve their prestigious awards. I feel so honored to have had the confidence of such talented people. I hope I can continue to maintain the ability to keep these pages up and beyond their expectations! I have had to archive the first 120 awards. Thanks to you all, my dear friends. It may take a few minutes to load (very graphical).

Number of Awards on this page is ~12~ Total Awards so far 171


Award won on April 10, 2002

Award of Excellence

Thank you, Stardancer!


Award won on August 30, 2001

Victorian Ladies Society Award of Excellence 2001

Thank you, Victorian Ladies Society!


Award won on May 1, 2001

Garden House Spotlight Site May 2001

Thank you, Garden House!


Award won on October 23, 2000

GAWOT Golden Angel Award

Thank you, Sandi!


Award won on January 21, 2000

Exceptional Site Award

Thank you, Sundancr!


Award won on November 19, 1999

Outstanding Website Award

Thank you, Sharon!


Award won on November 8, 1999

Island Dreams You Have Touched My Heart Award

Thank you, Darlie!


Award won on November 8, 1999

Knights Princess Elegance Award

Thank you, Lita and Don!


Award won on September 12, 1999

Graham Cracker's Award of Excellence

Thank you, Susan!


Award won on August 05, 1999

Golden Angel Award of Excellence

Thank you, Melanie!


Award won on August 05, 1999

Hidden Treasure Excellent Site Award

Thank you, Melanie!


Award won on Jul 22, 1999

Artistic Design Award

Thank you, Sue!

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