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The awards below were won from July 14, 1997 until November 7, 1997. Marvelicious has not applied for award in an extremely long time. The awards from the last 4 pages were sent by fellow web page designers who feel our pages deserve their prestigious awards. I feel so honored to have had the confidence of such talented people. I hope I can continue to maintain the ability to keep these pages up and beyond their expectations! Thanks to you all, my dear friends. It may take a few minutes to load (very graphical).

Number of Awards on this page is ~20~ Total Awards so far 120

Award won on Nov 02, 1997

Special For My Lovely Friend - Thank you, Faya!!

Award won on Nov 02, 1997

Exquisite Site Award - Thank you, Eileen!!

Award won on Oct 27, 1997

Joy's Award Of Web Design Excellence - Thank you, Joy!!

Award won on Oct 27, 1997

Angelheart's Superior Site Award - Thank you, Angelheart!!

Award won on Oct 14, 1997

A Source of Light Award - Thank you, Nancy!!

Award won on Oct 8, 1997

Blue Ribbon Award - Thank you, Misty!!

Thank you for nominating me, Charlotte!!

Award won on Sep 26, 1997

Wildflowr Award For Excellence - Thank you, Gina!!

Award won on Sep 26, 1997

The Fairy's Web Butterfly Award - Thank you, Tara!

Award won on Sep 20, 1997

Flights of Fancy Creative Ecellance Award - Thank you, Joan!!

Award won on Sep 16, 1997

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Award won on Sep 13, 1997

Angelic Site Award "la Petite" - Thank you, Claudette!!

Award won on Sep 8, 1997

Web Page Creativity Award - Thank you, Roger!!

Award won on Aug 31, 1997

Catalunya's Divine Touch Award - Thank you, Catalunya!!

Award won on Aug 30, 1997

Joy's Wonderful Award - Thank you, Joy!

Award won on Aug 21, 1997

The Wizard's Apprentice's Very Personal Homepage Award - Jesper, Thank you for your newest award!

Award won on Aug 19, 1997

The Wizard's Apprentice's Gold Award - Thank you, Jesper!

Award won on Aug 07, 1997

The Moon Frog Award - Thank you, Teri!

Award won on July 31, 1997

Devona's Award of Homepage Excellence - Thank you, Devona!

Award won on July 19, 1997

You've Got To Have Heart Award of Courage - Thank you, Sue!

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