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For much of the nineteenth century, cards were an integral part of everyday life. In fact, the last half of the century could be called "The Golden Age of Cards," because so many different varieties were used for so many different purposes. The social life of the era was dominated by the custom of paying calls at designated hours and times, and no call was complete unless the caller left his or her card. Men usually carried cards tucked in their vest pockets. Ladies kept theirs in elegant cases, sometimes made of silk, leather, ivory, tortoise shell or silver. Etiquette dictated that a lady left her card (and her husband's, if she was married, even if he wasn't with her) for the lady of the house. She also left one for each of the adult daughters. In time, an intricate code evolved by which the corners or ends of the card were folded to indicate the nature and purpose of the call. The colorful, decorative cards left by visitors were prominently displayed in a special bowl or tray kept on a table near the front door.

Below you will find a few Victorian Calling Cards which I have made. These particular calling cards are blank for you to personalized. I will be adding different designs periodically which have script on them and some that will be a little different. Please check back!

Victorian Calling Cards by Marvelicious

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