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Terms and Conditions

You can make a marvelicious statement on the Internet! Whether our site is a Personal Home Page or Small Business, Marvel Creations can design your World Wide Web site to suit your needs at a very reasonable price. Our offer to you is to create five (5) pages or more, which will include nice graphics for your site.**

Benefits of a Web site designed by Marvel Creations:

World Wide Advertising of Your Product
Marvelous Customer Service
Reliable & Dependable Service
Site Design
Fast Completion on Most New Accounts
Graphics Designs
Some Java Scripts
Sites to Suit your Preferences
Custom Forms, CGI-Scripts & Guestbooks
Registering in Search Engines
Site Maintenance
Verification of Links

**Marvel Creations will not design sites containing foul language, pornography, or any type of violence.

If you are purchase graphics only, whether it be from my Private Collection of Shareware Graphics, you may display them in any way you want. We do ask that you do not alter them any way other than additions of blank button script. Please do not claim the graphics as your work or resell any portion of them. If you are purchasing graphics, you do not have to provide a link back to our site, however, it would be appreciated. We normally provide matching graphics that will display our company name.

Should you have any other questions, please view our Frequently Asked Questions (a link is provided above). If this does not answer your questions, please email us.

Domain Names

Most successful businesses prefer their own domain name. We work with two reputable Host Providers who will help you set up your domain name and space.

Let's talk about getting started with your own domain. The first step would be to decide what domain name you would like to use. Most host providers will set it up for you or transfer your existing domain name.

Once you decide on a domain name, you will need a host provider in order to store our web graphics and pages.

When you apply with your host provider, you can specify at that time what domain name you would like to use. Please have an alternate domain name that you would like to use just in case the first one you choose is already to use. Your host will set this up for you with InterNic or similar domain name registration preference. Below you will find buttons for the two domains we use and find very accommodating.

Personal Sites

There are a number of Free Web Hosting sites you may choose from! Below is listed several for your site to be shown. However, should you prefer your own domain name, please see the information above.

The following is a list of free host providers that will host your personal site in order of my personal preference:

Yahoo! Geocities
Fortune City

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