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Duncan Family History

The Duncan Surname is a Scottish and Irish name which means "Brown Warrior". It is the most commonly found version of the Gaelic nameDuinnchinn, which would have pronounced similarly to Doon-keen. Duinnchinn is a nickname comprised of the Gaelic elements donn = dark, brown + ceann = head -- which described the brown-headed man. Other variants are Duncanson and Dunkinson, which are patronymnic versions.

This is just one side of my family name. The Duncans were my grandmother's family name. I lost my grandmother on Thanksgiving night in November, 1996. This page is my loving dedication to Effie Marie "Duncan" Sowell.

Descendants of Thomas Duncan 

Generation No. 1 

1. THOMAS1DUNCANwas born 1805 in North Carolina, and died Unknown in Decatur Co., Georgia. He married (1) MARY. He married (2) LIVONA. 

Notes for THOMASDUNCAN: It was frequently the habit of genealogists to attribute the origin of theRobertson clan to the blood of the McDonalds, but according to the authoritiesadduced by Skene in his "History of the Highlanders", the chiefs ofthe name appear rather to be descended from DUNCAN, eldest son of Malcolm III,the great Canmore of the eleventh century. 

Common tradition againpreviously bore that the name Robertson derived from the head of the clan in thedays of King Robert the Bruce who having had certain signal services rewarded bythat King with grant of lands on the upper waters of the Garry, adopted theKing's cognomen as his family name.  It seems well established, however, that the Goelic name ofthe clan Donached, pronounced Donnachy and translated Duncan, was derived froman ancestor of that name, fourth of descent from Conan, son of Henry, last ofthe ancient Celtic Earls of Atholl. 

Another writer says: "A few miles from the Barracks of Perthshire can still be traced abattlefield of Duncan of Atholl the first chief of the clan in the cause of hiskinsman Robert the Bruce from whom came the name Robert to Duncan's heirfounding the later surname of Robertson with the name Strauan. Nearby is Leam Donnach Reamber 'Duncan's leap across the Ericht' whenscouting in disguise as a harper he was pursued from the enemy's camp. Near the Barracks shore is isle Rannoch where later McDougall of Lornecaptured in his flight was imprisoned by Duncan." 

The opinion is widespreadthat the genealogy of Thomas Duncan of Cumberland Co., Pa., has been proven andmany descendants have prepared their family charts beginning with Rev. WilliamDuncan of Perthshire, Scotland, who suffered martyrdom under Charles the Second. He was born January 7th, 1630, married Susan Haldane of Glasgow. They had children:  William,born October 1st, 1659; married Margaret McMurdo of Dumfries.  They had children:  Thomas,born January 12th, 1686 and William, born April 19th, 1692, and others. 

There are facts which showthat Thomas Duncan of Cumberland County could have been Thomas Duncan who was born in 1686.  He died in 1776 and if born in 1686 was ninety years at hisdeath.  Many of his descendants havebeen long-lived, having reached the ages of eighty-five and ninety and some onehundred years--evidence of the longevity of an ancestor or ancestors. There is no doubt that he was old and feeble at his death and probablyblind as the genealogist who examined his will and had a cut made of hissignature says: "Judging from the handwriting of Thomas Duncan, it seemsvery likely he was blind at time of signing his will, as the letters were formedas they would naturally be by a person who could not see." Another matter of some significance is the name William of his eldest sonand the name Margaret of the eldest child of his son Stephen. While the reasoning is very plausible, necessary proof is wanting, as faras I know, and I have prepared the Duncan genealogy beginning with Thomas Duncanof Cumberland County instead of Rev. William Duncan of Perthshire, Scotland. Hoping, however, that records will be brought to light confirming thetruth of certain traditions.  "Soall our doubts by time let them be cleared; fortune brings in some boats thatare not steered." 

More About THOMASDUNCAN: 1850, Census - Decatur County, GA; 1860, Census - Holmes Co., FL; 1870,Census - Washington Co., FL       

Children of THOMASDUNCANand MARYare:

                  i.       REBECCA2DUNCAN,b. Abt. 1830.

                 ii.       THOMASDUNCAN,b. Abt. 1832, Georgia; m. SARAHMALONE,March 30, 1854, Decatur, Georgia 

                iii.       ANNMERRETTEDUNCAN,b. Abt. 1836, Georgia.

                iv.       ELIZADUNCAN,b. Abt. 1838, Georgia.

2.              v.       ELLENDUNCAN,b. October 27, 1841, Decatur Co.,  GA;d. November 07, 1923, Washington Co., FL

                vi.       AMANDADEMASCUSDUNCAN,b. Abt. 1843, Decatur Co.,  GA.

               vii.       FRANCESE. DUNCAN,b. Abt. 1845, Decatur Co., GA.

3.           viii.       WILLIAMA. DUNCAN,b. January 10, 1847, Decatur Co.,  GA;d. October 16, 1925, Chipley, Washington Co., FL       

Children of THOMASDUNCANand LIVONAare:

                 ix.       JOSEPHR.2DUNCAN,b. May 10, 1877, Washington Co., FL; m. SARAHANN HANCOCK,April 16, 1899.

4.               x.       THOMASHENRYDUNCAN,b. December 13, 1878, Washington Co., FL.

Generation No. 2 

2. ELLEN2DUNCAN(THOMAS1)was born October 27, 1841 in Decatur Co.,  GA,and died November 07, 1923 in Washington Co., FL. She married JOHNH. MARTINBet. 1858 - 1860 in Holmes Co., FL.       


5.               i.       DANIELM.3MARTIN,b. July 02, 1861, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL

6.              ii.       WILLIAMW. MARTIN,b. February 10, 1868, Henry County, Alabama

7.             iii.       AMANDAMALISAMARTIN,b. September 09, 1870, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL

                iv.       TOMMARTIN.

                 v.       DUNCANMARTIN,m. REBECCAWHITE.

                vi.       JOEMARTIN.

               vii.       REBECCAMARTIN.

              viii.       MARYMARTIN.

                 ix.       ARCHMARTIN. 

3. WILLIAMA.2DUNCAN(THOMAS1)was born January 10, 1847 in Decatur Co.,  GA,and died October 16, 1925 in Chipley, Washington County, Florida. He married (1) JULIA A. VANLANDINGHAMAbt. 1869.  He married (2) NANCYC. BECTONAbt. 1874. 

Notes for JULIAA. VANLANDINGHAM: Did Julia remarry a "Hoag"? Burial: Lime Stone Cemetery, Chipley, Florida       


                  i.       HENRYM.3DUNCAN,b. 1869.

8.              ii.       WILLIAM"WOOD"DUNCAN,b. Abt. 1870, Washington Co., FL.

9.             iii.       COUNSEL"COUNT"DUNCAN,b. Abt. 1872, Washington Co., FL.

10.           iv.       SAMUELARCHIBALDDUNCAN,b. December 23, 1874, Washington Co., FL d. Aug 04, 1943, Washington Co., FL

11.            v.       CARRIEELLA JANEDUNCAN,b. September 07, 1879, Washington Co., FL; d. November 16, 1961.

                vi.       DANIELDUNCAN,b. October 1879, Washington Co., FL.

12.          vii.       BENJAMINFRANKLINDUNCAN,b. July 05, 1881, Chipley, Washington County, Florida; d. August 15, 1948,Panama City, Bay County, Florida at 7:15 A.M.. 

4. THOMASHENRY2DUNCAN(THOMAS1)was born December 13, 1878 in Washington Co., FL. He married MARYE.       

Children of THOMASDUNCANand MARYare:

                  i.       THOMASA.3DUNCAN,b. October 1895.

                 ii.       LIVONIAJ. DUNCAN,b. January 1898.

                iii.       JAMESB. DUNCAN.

                iv.       ELLAL. DUNCAN.

                 v.       DELLAB. DUNCAN.

Generation No. 3 

5. DANIELM.3MARTIN(ELLEN2DUNCAN,THOMAS1)was born July 02, 1861 in Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL,. He married MARY MATILDALEAVINS.       


                  i.       COZETTAISALENE4MARTIN,b. November 08, 1883, Vernon, Washington Co., FL

                 ii.       LONNIEMARTINMARTIN,b. August 14, 1885, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL

                iii.       JONATHANRICHMONDMARTIN,b. November 24, 1887, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL

                iv.       MAGGIEMAE MARTIN,b. March 22, 1889, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL

                 v.       JAMESCORBETMARTIN,b. August 20, 1892, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL

                vi.       FLOYBELL MARTIN,b. December 07, 1902

               vii.       DANIELL. MARTIN,b. April 21, 1911 

6. WILLIAMW.3MARTIN(ELLEN2DUNCAN,THOMAS1)was born February 10, 1868 in Henry County, Alabama. He married ABIGAIL KELLEY.       


                  i.       T.H.4MARTIN,b. June 27, 1893, Washington Co., FL.

                 ii.       SARAHE. MARTIN,b. February 20, 1896.

                iii.       CHILDMARTIN.

                iv.       WILLIAMJAMESMARTIN,b. March 07, 1901, Washington Co., FL.

                 v.       DORAISABELLEMARTIN,b. January 30, 1904, Washington Co., FL

                vi.       JOHNW. MARTIN.

               vii.       JESSEJ. MARTIN.

              viii.       CHILDMARTIN.

                 ix.       LILLIEMAE MARTIN,b. September 18, 1910, Washington Co., FL

                  x.       DANIELCORBETTMARTIN,b. May 16, 1913, Washington Co., FL

                 xi.       CHILDMARTIN,m. ABBIE 

7. AMANDAMALISA3MARTIN(ELLEN2DUNCAN,THOMAS1)was born September 09, 1870 in Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL, and died Unknown. She married JOHN ANDREW(H.J.)GRANT.       


                  i.       HOUSTONLEE4GRANT,b. July 13, 1890, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL; m. MARYLAWSON.

                 ii.       CASHMALRUE GRANT,b. February 23, 1892, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL; m. HULDADYLES.

                iii.       CALVINCLEVELANDGRANT,b. July 14, 1894, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL; m. JASIEDYLES.

                iv.       JULIEFRACESGRANT,b. September 05, 1896, Washington Co., FL m. FREDC. CORBIN.

                 v.       SUSANELAFAIRGRANT,b. January 12, 1899, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL

                vi.       MARYELLENGRANT.

               vii.       ANNIEEZELAGRANT,b. November 08, 1901, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL

              viii.       JOHNL. "JACK"GRANT,b. September 18, 1903, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL

13.            ix.       CHILDGRANT.

                  x.       FANNIEMALISAGRANT.

                 xi.       DOUGLASGRANT,b. December 30, 1907, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL

                xii.       KATHERINEPEARLGRANT,b. June 16, 1909, Washington Co., FL

               xiii.       UNNAMEDBABY GRANT,b. 1911, Washington Co., FL; d. 1911, Washington Co., FL.

               xiv.       JESSIEWILLARDGRANT,b. February 13, 1916, Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL. 

8. WILLIAM"WOOD"3DUNCAN(WILLIAMA.2,THOMAS1)was born Abt. 1870 in Washington Co., FL.  Hemarried LEANNA. 

Notes for WILLIAM"WOOD"DUNCAN: Murdered in Colquitt, Georgia, or Clay County, Georgia.  Was having an affair with another woman, when her husband rode up to him and shot him dead.  It is rumoredthat he is buried at Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.        


                  i.       KAY4DUNCAN.

14.            ii.       COZYMAE DUNCAN.

                iii.    INADUNCAN,m. RILEY.

                iv.       VIOLADUNCAN,m. ALMOND.

                 v.       MORRISDUNCAN.

15.           vi.       HUEYTHOMASDUNCAN

9. COUNSEL"COUNT"3DUNCAN(WILLIAMA.2,THOMAS1)was born Abt. 1872 in Washington Co., FL.  Hemarried SARAHMELVINAugust 12, 1897 in Washington Co., FL.        


                  i.       MARYETTA4DUNCAN,b. 1899.

                 ii.       JOHN"GREEN" W.DUNCAN,b. 1904.

                iii.       EVIEDELLEDUNCAN,b. 1907.

                iv.       BLANCHEDUNCAN,b. July 02, 1908; d. April 25, 1917.   

More About BLANCHEDUNCAN: Burial: Piney Grove Cemetery 

10. SAMUELARCHIBALD3DUNCAN(WILLIAMA.2,THOMAS1)was born December 23, 1874 in Washington County, Florida, and died August 04,1943 in Washington Co., FL.  Hemarried (1) NANCYREBECCAPEELApril 12, 1896 in Chipley, Washington County, Florida. He married (2) DOLLYSURNAMEAbt. 1897. 

SOURCE:  1850 CensusHenry County, Alabama; 1860/1870 Census, Washington County, Florida; 1880/1900/1910 Census, Washington County, Florida; Billy Brock, Cottondale, FL;The 1900 Census for Washington County, Florida shows Rebecca listed as wife. Clarence Duncan was listed as son born December 1897; In 1910 Census forWashington County, Florida shows Rebecca listed as wife. Children listed were:  ClarenceDuncan, Dewey Duncan, Prince Duncan, Hertis Duncan, Otis Duncan and EdithDuncan.  There seems to be a controversy in this since Dolly was previouslylisted as these children's mother.  By Billy Brock. This needs looking into further.  Weneed marriage dates. 

More About SAMUELARCHIBALDDUNCAN: Burial: Piney Grove Cemeter;  Occupation: Farmer 

More About NANCYREBECCAPEEL: Burial: Piney Grove Cemetery 

More About DOLLYSURNAME:Burial: Piney Grove Cemetery       


16.             i.       EDWARDARTHUR4DUNCAN,b. July 13, 1914, Chipley, Washington Co. FL; d. May 06, 1975.

                 ii.       AUTICEDUNCAN,m. OLLIEMAE SAPP,February 13, 1936, Washington Co., FL.

17.           iii.       HAZELESTELLEDUNCAN,b. January 20, 1919, Chipley, Washington Co., FL.

                iv.       JOSEPH(BROWN)DUNCAN.

18.            v.       SAMUELCLARENCEDUNCAN,b. December 01, 1897, Washington Co., FL. d. July 05, 1972, Washington Co., FL.

                vi.       DEWEYDUNCAN,b. Abt. 1901.

19.          vii.       PRINCER. DUNCAN,b. Abt. 1903.

              viii.       HURDISDUNCAN,b. Abt. 1905; m. LAVADA.

20.            ix.       LEEOLIN DUNCAN,b. October 11, 1916, Chipley, Washington CoCo., FL.

                  x.       EDITHDUNCAN,b. Abt. 1909; m. RODNEYMATHIAS,October 10, 1943. 

11. CARRIEELLA JANE3DUNCAN(WILLIAMA.2,THOMAS1)was born September 07, 1879 in Washington Co., FL, and died November 16, 1961. She married JOHN FRANKLINWILSON,JR.July 07, 1895, son of JOHN WILSONand MOLENDAGRANGER. 

More About CARRIEELLA JANEDUNCAN: Burial: Duncan Cemetery

More About JOHNFRANKLINWILSON,JR.: Burial: Duncan Cemetery       


                  i.       CORALEE ELIZABETH4WILSON,b. Mar 03, 1898; d. Sep 20, 1972, Washington Co., FL; m. NEALYG. GAINEY. 

More About CORALEE ELIZABETHWILSON: Burial: Duncan Cemetery 


ii.       JULIAMOLINDIA ANN"LINNIE"WILSON,b. May 26, 1899, Washington Co., FL.

                iii.       JOHNWILLIAM DANIELWILSON,b. Jan 23, 1901, Washington Co., FL; d. Jan 14, 1965; m. LEAHMARTIN,Nov 12, 1925. 

More About JOHNWILLIAM DANIELWILSON: Burial: Duncan Cemetery 

                iv.       SIMMIEDAVIDWILSON,b. April 03, 1904, Washington Co., FL; d. October 30, 1904. 

More About SIMMIEDAVIDWILSON: Burial: Duncan Cemetery 

                 v.       MARYMAGDALENEWILSON,b. Sep 14, 1905, Washington Co., FL; m. WILLIAMALONZOLASSITER.

                vi.       EDDIELAFAYETTEWILSON,b. Sep 14, 1908, Washington Co., FL; d. Dec 19, 1971, Washington Co., FL; m. RUTHSCOTTSHORES.

               vii.       JAMESROY WILSON,b. March 06, 1910, Washington Co., FL; d. June 17, 1984; m. COZAMAE METCALF. 

More About JAMESROY WILSON: Burial: Duncan Cemetery 

              viii.       FRANCISREBECCAWILSON,b. June 24, 1912, Washington Co., FL; d. October 09, 1914, Washington Co., FL. 

More About FRANCISREBECCAWILSON: Burial: Duncan Cemetery 

                 ix.       JESSIEMARIEWILSON,b. December 09, 1917, Washington Co., FL; m. (1) BERNARDOWENS,December 24, 1936; m. (2) AUBREYE. GEORGE,August 24, 1983. 

12. BENJAMINFRANKLIN3DUNCAN(WILLIAMA.2,THOMAS1)was born July 05, 1881 in Chipley, Washington County, Florida, and died August15, 1948 in Panama City, Bay County, Florida at 7:15 A.M..  He married HENRIETTAAGUSTA (GUSSIE)SWINDELLJuly 28, 1901 in Washington Co., FL, daughter of ACIESWINDELLand MARYGREENWAY. 

More About BENJAMINFRANKLINDUNCAN:Burial: Piney Grove Cemetery/Chipley, Washington County, FL;  August 16,1948, Brake Funeral Home/Panama City, Florida; Medical Information: Certificateof Death/State File No. 15321/State of Florida.Copy in the possession of SonyaMarvel; Occupation: Farmer  

Notes for HENRIETTAAGUSTA (GUSSIE)SWINDELL: Granny Duncan was an "Evening Star". The following poem was included in her death notice:


Sunset and evening star;
And one clear call for me!
And may there be
no moaning of the Bar
When I put out to see,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For tho' from out our bourne
of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see myh Pilot--face to face,
When I have crest the bar.


More About HENRIETTAAGUSTA (GUSSIE)SWINDELL:Burial: May 18, 1971, Piney Grove Cemetary, Washington County, Florida; February 10, 1949, in Bay Co., Fla, Fla Cert. No. 11901, Precinct No. 11

Marriage Notes for BENJAMINDUNCANand HENRIETTASWINDELL:Copy of Marriage Certificate in the possession of Sonya Marvel.       


21.             i.       WILLIELEEANN4DUNCAN,b. July 17, 1903, Chipley, Washington Co., FL; d. Dec 24, 1994, Lynn Haven, FL.

                 ii.       FLORENCEDUNCAN,b. June 08, 1906, Chipley, Washington Co FL; d. November 18, 1979, Lynn Haven, FL;m. (1) SAMUELOTWAYRICHARDSON,June 15, 1929; m. (2) MARVINMASHBURN,June 08, 1940, Panama City, FL. 

Marriage Notes for FLORENCEDUNCANand SAMUELRICHARDSON: Chipley, Florida marriage book J-138 

                iii.       MILDREDREBECCADUNCAN,b. Nov 13, 1908, Washington Co., FL; d. Aug 19, 1909, Washington Co., FL. 

More About MILDREDREBECCADUNCAN: Burial: Piney Grove Cemetery 

22.           iv.       EFFIEMARIEDUNCAN,b. July 17, 1910, Chipley, Washington Co., FL; d. November 23, 1995, Colquitt,GA.

23.            v.       ELLADUNCAN,b. December 03, 1912, Chipley, Washington County, Florida; d. February 11, 1994,Lynn Haven, FL.

24.           vi.       OLINQUINCYDUNCAN,b. February 24, 1913, Chipley, Washington County, Florida; d. November 28, 1991.

25.          vii.       GUSSIEMAE DUNCAN,b. May 04, 1917, Chipley, Washington County, Florida; d. April 11, 1992.

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