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I'm fairly new at working in my garden, but since I have begun to get my yard looking good, I have really enjoyed the renovation. I have actually named my garden. I have "Mama's Garden". The plants here are in memory of my grandmother and they came from her huge garden. She had a passion for lilies, which are all over Mama's Garden. I have a "Butterfly Garden" and "Hummingbird Garden", which are self-explanatory. I have the "Children's Garden", which holds the potted plants and flowers given to us by our children. I'm working on more areas, and it looks like I will be working on them a long time. I'll get there because I'm a patient person. Wish me luck!

Recently I was approached by someone who wanted to know about Mama's Garden. I thought you might enjoy this story about a great lady!

My garden is named after my late grandmother, Effie Marie Sowell. She was a grand lady whose passion was gardening. She was married at 15 years old to my late grandfather, Eddie H. Sowell. After he died, she never remarried. He bought her a grand old house in 1930 which still stands today. When the house was evidently non-liveable, my mother and aunt bought her a mobile home and placed it adjacent to the old house. On nights she could not sleep, you could see her shadow walking in the moonlight, back over to the old house. You see, she always had a bedroom set up in that old house.

The name I called my grandmother was "Mama". When I was born she was she was 33 years old. She felt she was much too young to be a grandmother, so she taught me to call her "Mama".

Mama loved her garden. She arose early in the morning and she could be seen working in her garden until dark. It was not beneath her to ask whoever was driving her someplace to stop along the road to pick a flower that she thought was beautiful. She had a garden of wildflowers which is absolutely beautiful.

Mama loved lilies! They were all over her yard. This was her favorite plant and today her garden is filled with beautiful blooming lilies of every color, size and shape. Each morning we cut fresh flowers and lilies from Mama's Garden to make a beautiful bouquet for our kitchen table.

I now live in another state, but we still visit Mama's house. The old homestead is located in Donalsonville, Georgia and we still have Mama's Garden. So that we might keep a little piece of her beauty, I have a garden that I call "Mama's Garden". I have lilies for my garden which were taken from her original garden. I remember each of these plants that I have because Mama always loved them best. The memories of Mama live in the lilies I have from her garden. I feel I can talk to her in the gardenas I walk out among the beautiful lilies. I do this when I am at the old homestead and I do this in my garden now.

Marvelicious Roses & Flowers

Recommended Reading

The Victorian Art of Expressing Yourself in the Language of Flowers
By Gerladine Adamich Laufer
Rediscover the language of flowers, and the art of making them speak. A celebration of craft, lore, and language, TUSSIE MUSSIES is a stunning, full-color guide to tussie mussies, how to make them, and how the symbolic meanings of flowers and herbs have developed over centuries. A floral poet, Geri Laufer shows how to make 60 bouquets--tussie mussies to declare Ardent Love, say Happy Birthday, wish Congratulations, express Sympathy, celebrate a Newborn, mark an Anniversary, or honor a Mentor.

The Language of Flowers
By Gerladine Adamich Laufer
A celebration of craft, lore, and language, Tussie-Mussies is a full-color guide to tussie-mussies, how to make them, and how the symbolic meanings of flowers and herbs have developed over the centuries. Roses that are red mean only one thing-Love-while a yellow rose may range from Friendship to Jealousy. Daisies are for Innocence, ivy for Fidelity, rosemary for Remembrance. Then comes the delightful task of arranging individual flowers and herbs together to compose a specific message to a friend or loved one. A floral poet, Geraldine Laufer shows how to make 60 bouquets-tussie-mussies to declare Ardent Love, say Happy Birthday, celebrate a Newborn, mark an Anniversary, honor a Mentor, admit an Infatuation, or even announce a Bitter Rivalry. Indeed, any sentiment can be crafted with a few blooms, woolen yarn, and scissors.

Language of Flowers
By Kate Greenaway
This is a fun book to read if you like symbolism, and even if you don't, it's fun to read the poems in the back. In this, almost every flower, clover and herb has a meaning and just about any flower you can you'll find in here. The illustrations are sweet, and this is a great reference if you're looking for something sentimental to give a friend.

The Meaning Of Flowers
By Ann Field, Holly Lindem (Photographer), Gretchen Scoble
Like books, some flowers are merely pretty to look at, while others are pure romance. The Meaning of Flowers presents flowers not only as messengers of our deepest feelings and desires, but as repositories of powerful myths and histories. Lilacs, for example, "express the beautiful sadness of love, the feeling--always available to the lover--of impending farewell.... Potently fragrant, the flower was once thought capable of warding off the Black Death itself." Ann Field's collages strike the perfect mood in this beautifully designed book, ideal for those who love flowers and symbolism.

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Butterflies and Butterfly Gardens

How to Cultivate a Butterfly Garden in Florida
Choose plants that suit the climate and soil conditions of the garden site.

Include larval food sources as well as nectar sources.

Remember that butterflies are "solar-powered" and prefer to feed in sunny, open sites.

Provide a water source and shelter for the butterflies at night and during inclement weather.

Remember that the size of the garden doesn't matter as much as what plants are in it. But the larger the site, the more plants can inhabit it, which will increase the number and variety of butterflies that can be attracted.

Never use pesticides to combat garden pests. Pick off pests by hand, or spray the plants with the hose.

Remember that butterflies don't care whether the garden is formal or informal. The design is up to the gardener.

Plant your garden where you can watch the butterflies that will visit it.

Butterfly Gardens
Butterfly World

Hummingbirds and Gardens

Below is a list plants that attract Hummingbirds for the central Florida region.


Aloe, Butterfly Milkweed, Cardinal Flower, Firecracker, Golden Dewdrop, Impatiens, Jacobina, Kalanchoe, Lady-in-Red Salvia, Obedient Plant, Pensteron, Red Basil and Shrimp Plant.


Butterfly Bush, Firebush, Firespike, Hibiscus, Lantana, Powder Puff, and Turk’s Cap Mallow.


Bottlebrush, Mimosa, and Royal Poinciana.


Coral Honeysuckle and Trumpet Vine


Four O’Clock, Nicotiana, Petunia hydrids, Red Hot Poker (Tritoma), Scarlet Morning Glory, Scarlet Sage, Snapdragon, and Zinnia White Star.

Sun Angel Hummingbird


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Wild Flowers In Bloom

Day Lilies

Daylily Home Page
Daylilies On Line

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