Family Surnames include **Bergtholdt * Cannon * Donalson * Duncan * Marvel * Reese * Sowell * Swindell**

Bergtholdt Family Tree (1807) ~ Updated 9/21/2007
Cannon Family Tree (1847) ~ Updated 1/30/2007
Donalson Family Tree (1879) and (1730) ~ Updated 01/30/2007
Duncan Family Tree (1815) ~ Updated 07/22/2008
Marvel Family Tree (Ten Pages) (1504) ~Updated 2/23/2007
Reese Family Tree (1826) ~Updated 2/1/2007
Sowell Family Tree (1597) ~Updated 11/7/2005
Swindell Family Tree (1523) ~Updated 2/2/2007

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Family Reunion Information and Websites:

Reunion Magazine

Great Family Reunion Planning Tips

1. Make Lists!
2. Research your extended family to present at the reunion.
3. Reserve the place the event will be held well in advance (community hall, park, etc.)
4. Send invitations and include an RSVP. These can be made on your computer!
5. Include in each invitation an index card for family members to write down a trivia question about their family history (with the answers). 6. Have each attendee bring a side dish or dessert.
7. Have a guest book at the entrance. Designate each attending member to sign the book and to include their mailing addresses, email addresses, etc.
8. Provide nametags (at guest book table) which includes the city/state each person is from.
9. Be sure to have a camcorder, and after the reunion provide/sell copies of the video.
10. Have a display area showing everyone on the family tree. If people want to share photos, documents, etc., look into renting a copier or have a scanner available.
11. Have available blank family trees in order for the attendees to fill out their most recent family information.
12. Assign someone to schedule games. Prizes could be small like a mug, t-shirt, etc., with the family name on it.
13. Put together a Family Trivia Pursuit game. Include the trivia questions which are returned from the attendees.
14. Make a family time capsule. Family members could write down memories, bring pictures or anything they�d like to put in the capsule�idea is how you�d want others to know your family. One family put their items in a small footlocker and donated it to the local historical society in the family name.
15. Have family members bring odd pictures that not too many have seen, and guess who they are.
16. Ask family members to bring one wrapped gift�something about/of/from the family. The gifts are numbered as they are registered and given out as door prizes.
17. Give prizes or ribbons for the oldest, youngest, etc.
18. Have a story telling time, with the elders telling stories that end with sentences like, "The orneriest thing my brother/sister ever did to me while we were growing up.."
19. Sell t-shirts with the family name/crest for money to apply to next year's reunion.
20. Have each person fill out a small form when they sign the guest book. At the end of the reunion draw names and use the table center pieces as prizes. Make sure the number of names equal the number of tables provided.
21. Ask for volunteers for who will host the next year's reunion and take up a collection.

Some of these ideas are from Merrill Walker, who has organized reunions for over 35 years and most are by Sonya Marvel.

Books, Games, Puzzles

1. Make a family history coloring book that tells the story of the family. Include some games and puzzles from mixers to get people to talk to each other and not sit in a corner.
2. Copy pictures of an ancestor, old homes, crests, put them on colored paper and laminate for placemats to be taken home.
3. Bought discount stuffed animals and send one home with each child. He found that the teenagers wanted one, too.
4. Crafts for kids: necklaces, marble pouches�something they can make and take home, face painting, bubbles, ring toss, balloon races...
5. Make a family calendar showing everyone�s birthdays.
6. Have everyone handwrite a recipe card or paper, copy them and make a family cookbook.
7. For large crowds, consider renting a popcorn or snowcone machine. That might be something the teenagers would like to be in charge of.
8. One thing he said: "A lot of people may not be at the next reunion, so make it one they will always remember. Make sure you have something of interest to all age groups and don�t skimp.

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Recommended Software

Family Tree Maker 16

With Family Tree Maker Version 16 (Deluxe Edition), you can access more than 5 billion records through as you research your family's history. The best-selling genealogy program for the past 15 years, Family Tree Maker lets you access some of the world's largest online data based, including the U.S. Records Collection, Naturalization Records, Immigration Records and much more.

Recommended Reading

Genealogy Online for Dummies (--For Dummies)
By Matthew L. Helm, April Leigh Helm
Building your family tree in Cyberspace or just searching online for a bit of history about your ancestors? Whether you're corresponding with far-flung relatives or tracking down elusive family records around the world, a treasure trove of information on family histories is at your fingertips when you log onto the Internet. The trick to finding all that information is knowing where to look. From the foundations of finding family information online to the fundamentals of tracking down public records, maximizing online resources, and creating your own family Web pages, here's the best resource guide to sorting through all the genealogical information available across the Internet. Genealogy Online For Dummies is packed with sound advice, helpful tips, and dozens of selected starting points to begin researching your family history online. Plus, Genealogy Online For Dummies features trial versions of genealogy software (including the popular Family Tree Maker 4.0) and Web-authoring programs on the bonus CD-ROM that accompanies the book.

Genealogy Online : Millennium Edition
By Elizabeth Powell Crowd

All new information--This update brings a wealth of new sources of information to readers including 50 great sites to start your genealogical search and complete coverage of Family Tree Maker. Updated and revised--Additional updates include complete revisions of the major online service and detailed information on how to access the Library of Congress' vast sources of information. All levels of users--This book not only covers online genealogy, but also has a strong introduction to online life. It examines hardware and connections, software, FTP, Usenet, mail lists, and Internet etiquette.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Genealogy
Complete Idiot's Guide To...
By Christine Rose, Kay Germain Ingalls
Learn how to unlock the mysteries of your past with the help of this easy guide. The book features the basic techniques needed to conduct a search, including how to gather names, dates, places, relationships, and family documents. Readers will also learn valuable tips on using genealogy computer programs. Includes interview sheets & sample census forms.

A Beginner's Guide to Family History and Genealogy
By Jim Willard, Terry Willard, Jane Wilson
This is a book that lists page after page of addresses for each state of places to write to which is great for anyone researching in the States but really doesn't help those of us who have no American ancestors.

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