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Welcome to my webpage. I'm Lady Shirley's husband and I hope you will continue to enjoy your visit with me. We have six wonderful children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren! Can you imagine that! At my young age...

The picture to the right was taken of me when I was a young boy working on our farm. Frank, the mule pulled the plow that made that corn so tall! I live in the big city now, but have always wanted to go back to the farm. Recently have had a chance to do just that, but ole Frank, he isn't around anymore. So I have a nice tractor to plow those fields! For the first time in many years, I am now doing what I truly enjoy. My brother, Jake, is also having a great time helping me! Between the both of us, we will have that corn tall again like you see in this picture!

My oldest grandson, John Dion Ridenour-Marvel was killed in an accidental shooting. Please view the memorial my daughter made for him.

Shattered Dreams

Please visit my wife's web page. I think you will enjoy it. She has a very different site from this one, of course! I think you will enjoy it.

Lady Shirley

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