Please take a moment to view our main page for Frequently Asked Questions and if this doesn't answer your questions, please contact me. Please read the information below carefully since our prices have changed:

Our basic design is $400.00, which includes the following:

Five (5) basic web pages and 1 basic graphic set. Additional sets for your website begin at $75.00 per set.

We can provide the basic design and graphics of your choosing. It's important that you give your design and layout a lot of thought so that we will know what you have in mind for your web site. We will place our site on a pseudo site so that you may view the progress of your web site. We want you to provide any final decisions for your site hands-on. You may also provide your own art or the art can be provided for your site. For instance, if you would like to use a company logo, we can work with you to make your site outstanding.

The basic web pages we provide are standard HTML. We will provide no CGI forms, java, or guestbook for this rate. Additional charges are as follows:

Additional web pages begin at $80.00 per page.
Guestbooks begin at $25.00 each.
CGI Forms, java or DHTML, are $25.00 per hour.

A down payment of at least 50% is required before I begin designing your site. Once we begin designing the first half of your site, the down payment will then become nonrefundable. Once we reach the half way point of your site, the other 50% is due before completion of the second half of your site.

Simple Page updates for sites we create begin at $50.00 per page. Complete changes to your site will result in additional charges.


Graphics Costs & Sets

Below you will find the categories we offer and the website where they are located. When payment is received, we will then remove the graphics from our site and it will be exclusively yours. Please note ** Sets will not be split to purchase individual graphics from the sets below.


Individual Backgrounds - $15.00 per background.
Click Here

Shareware Graphics Sets - $50.00 per set.
Click Here

Private Collection Sets - starting at $75.00 per set.**
Click Here

**Some sets are more intense than others which results in a higher price. Each set contains the price on sample page.

Exclusive Design Sets - starting at $75.00 per set.**

**If you would like us to design a special set for you which is customized to your specifications, we will include the following: Background, title banner, line/bar, up to 10 buttons. Payment is due in advance before we begin designing your set.



When you decide which of our services you prefer, please email us at [email protected] with the specifics, i.e. which Background, existing Design Set or Private Collection Set.  Each of our Private Collection Sets are priced on each of those pages.  Please provide the web address of the graphics you wish to purchase since we have several of the same subject matter.  If you would like for us to design your web site, please email us with the specifics and as much information as you can so that we will know what you might like on your newly designed site.

If you are remitting payment by U.S. Mail, please email at [email protected] for mailing instructions.

If you are remitting payment using an Online check, Visa or MasterCard with PayPal, please click on the purchase button below:

To use PayPal, please complete the following simple steps:

Fill in the dollar amount for the purchase of the Graphics Set/Web Design and your PayPal password.  If purchasing a graphic set, please the prices are located on each page.  If purchasing web design, please include the appropriate dollar amount for the site we will be designing for you.

If you do not already have one, register for a free PayPal account by clicking on the Sign Up Here link at the bottom of their page.  This will take you to a form you may fill out for payment and will also register you for PayPal.

After completing registration, you will receive a confirmation email.  Payment will then be completed.

 If not included on the form, use [email protected] as the recipient's email address.   If you do not hear from me within 2 days, please mail us.


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