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January 10, 1998
Marlene and Steve Aisenberg spent a couple of hours at the Missing Children's Help Center in Brandon, Florida, stuffing outbound newsletters with fliers bearing the photo of 6 month old Sabrina.

January 11, 1998
An article appeared in The Tampa Tribune on January 11, 1998, regarding Sabrina's web site called "Net logs on to Sabrina search". The Tribune article appears Here.

Channel 9 (Bay News 9), an all news television station in Tampa, Florida, aired a film of Sabrina's Web site and Web site address all day.

January 12, 1998
Sonya did an over-the-phone live interview regarding Sabrina's Web site with Jack Harris and Ted from WFLA Radio in Tampa, Florida at 6:50 A.M.

Sonya did an on camera interview regarding Sabrina's Web site with Channel 13 News today for the 5pm and/or 6pm news. Sonya did an on camera interview regarding Sabrina's Web site with Channel 28 News today for the 6pm news.

January 13, 1998
Marlene and Steve Aisenberg appeared on The Today Show this morning, which resulted in nationwide calls to The Sabrina Hotline. They also appeared on MSNBC tonight in their nationwide search for Sabrina.

January 14, 1998
The following ABC News story was broadcast. A Mystery In Florida.

January 15, 1998
MSNBC/WFLA Local News.
The Tampa Tribune.

January 16, 1998
Mr./Mrs Aisenberg appear on Larry King tonight at 9:00 P.M. est.

January 22, 1998
Sabrina is still not home! Hillsborough County Sheriff's Investigators returned from a recent trip to Maryland and Virginia with what they say is significant new information in the search for Sabrina. However, the investigations keeps pointing back home in Tampa. We are hopeful that the case will be solved soon and that Sabrina will be returned to her home.

January 23, 1998
I'm sorry I haven't been able to update Sabrina's page this week. I have been away for a much needed rest. I bought newspapers daily and watched every news broadcast in hopes that Sabrina would be found. I will be here now for the duration. The following article appeared in The Tampa Tribune.

January 27, 1998
Steve and Marlene Aisenberg will appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show this Thursday, January 29th. Please be sure to watch. SEARCH FOR SABRINA RESUMES ~ Hillsborough County Sheriff's Deputies continue to search for Sabrina Aisenberg. Today, divers searched a pond near the missing baby's home. Investigators say they're acting on a tip, but won't give any details. The state attorney's office has called 7 critical witnesses to give sworn testimony.That gets their testimony on the record. The witnesses all came in voluntarily.

January 28, 1998
The Tampa Tribune's latest news story ~ Authorities step up efforts in the case of a missing infant as the parents prepare to go on ``Oprah Winfrey.''

January 29, 1998
Steve and Marlene Aisenberg appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in a segment entitled "Did Their Baby Vanish?". I think this segment was very good in that it explained some of the actions Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg took and why. A couple of neighbors, Marlene's sister, their lawyer and guests included were the father of Polly Klaas, Mark Klaas. Mark's daughter was taken from her bed in the middle of the night and murdered. He made the most important statement throughout the entire show. He said "Focus on bring Sabrina home...there are no buts!" The Tampa Tribune printed a story announcing the appearance on Oprah.

February 03, 1998
Sabrina's parents go before grand jury today. This is the Tampa Tribune's story to appear in Wednesday's newspaper.

United Press International

February 04/05,1998
Parents Do Not Testify
Aisenbergs avoid grand jury testimony

February 06,1998
Aisenbergs' Attorney Scolded For Criticism

February 09,1998
A large poster "Searching For Sabrina" is now on the side of every truck operated by Zellerbach Paper Company. These trucks go all over the United States. Steve and Marlene Aisenberg joined the presentation in honor of Sabrina. Sabrina has been missing for 78 days now!

February 10,1998
More witnesses called in case of missing baby

February 11,1998
There's a lot of news today. The following are posted in The Tampa Tribune
Couple keeps testimony short
Aisenbergs go before grand jury
Veteran, rookie prosecutors team to guide Aisenberg grand

The following are posted in The St. Pete Times
Missing girl's parents go before grand jury

February 14,1998
Aisenberg attorney asks judge to investigate leaks
Officials: Aisenbergs are 'subjects'

February 18,1998
Aisenberg court files off-limits to papers
Judge won't gag Sabrina witnesses

February 25,1998
For the last few days, the news about Sabrina has had an eerie silence. The noon news reported that Marlene and Steve's Aisenberg's friend, Jenny Westburg, appeared before the Grand Jury for about 10 minutes today. The news story will follow in tomorrow's update.

February 26,1998
Aisenberg witness silent
A new lead in search for Sabrina?

March 05,1998
People's Magazine published an article in their March 9th issue called "The Baby Vanishes". The article states previously reported events about Sabrina's disappearance. The article does not appear on the website.

March 06, 1998
Sabrina's picture goes nationwide
Friday, March 6 ~ ABC's 20/20's transcripts of "The Strange Disappearance of an Infant Out of Her Family´┐Żs Home."

March 18, 1998
It has been almost 3 weeks since there was any news about Sabrina. Again there is an eerie silence out there. I understand everyone's frustration in not hearing anything about this case. There was a wonderful article in the "Brandon News" on March 11th entitled "Parents of missing baby thank community for help." Unfortunately as far as I know, The Brandon News is not online.

March 23,1998
This really isn't an update, however this article appeared in the Tampa Tribune today. Grand juries investigate everything, everywhere.

March 26,1998
This article appeared in the Tampa Tribune today. Grand jury hears from Aisenberg co-worker The St. Petersburg Times contained this article (small clip which is listed first). Grand jury hears Aisenberg family friend.

March 27,1998
This article appeared in the Tampa Tribune today. Grand jury hears from Aisenberg family friend.

I spent an hour or so this morning at the Missing Children's Center in Brandon. Mrs. Aisenberg has supplied me with photographs of her daughter, Monica, at 9 months, 10 months, 11 months, 12 months, 18 months and 19 months old. Sabina looks very similar to Monica. These photographs could very well and, most probably does, show what Sabrina will look like today. I will get them up as soon as I can.

March 28,1998
This article appeared in the St. Petersburg Times today. Day of blessing passes without baby Sabrina

I was able to get the new photos of Sabrina's sister, Monica on the site. They turned out very good and these 2 children look so much alike. Notice as Monica's dark hair begins to turn blonder.

March 30,1998
Steve and Marlene Aisenberg will appear on "Good Morning, America" (ABC) on March 31st.

March 31,1998
This article appeared in the St. Petersburg Times today. Aisenbergs again plan talk-show appearances

Steve and Marlene Aisenberg appeared on Good Morning, America this morning. It was a terrific interview. Marlene stated that we are no longer looking for a five month old baby, we are looking for a nine month old baby. Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg supplied photographs of their daughter Monica, who looked identical to Sabrina when she was her age.

April 03,1998
We are aware of the article that was published in the tabloid "Globe". There are several discrepancies reported in this article. Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg did not *purchase* a new car - they *leased* the automobile. Hillary Sessions stated that "There were no signs of dirty diapers anywhere when the police searched the house." We know for a fact that there *were* dirty diapers found when they searched the house. I will not go into all of the discrepancies, however, please take this tabloid with a grain of salt. The news media means well at times, but are not always very accurate. We do not want to try this case in the media with a he said...she said... point of view. Lets continue to show out support for *Sabrina*.

April 04,1998
There have been several questions about Sabrina's blanket. The blanket that was taken when Sabrina disappeared was a soft flannel handmade blanket made by a friend's mother. One side was completely yellow; the other side was white with different pastel colored animals with a yellow silk border. This blanket was always in Sabrina's bed and was never taken out of the house.

Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg will be appearing on "The Kathy Fountain Show", a local television program, on Wednesday, April 8th. They will tape "Geraldo" next week in New York. This segment will air the week of April 13th. The exact date has not yet been determined.

April 12,1998
Today is Easter. This is day 140 since Sabrina disappeared. There has been no further news about Sabrina. As soon as the air date for Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg's appearance on Geraldo Rivera is known, we will advise this update site. Please continue saying prayers for Sabrina.

April 14,1998
This is day 142 since Sabrina disappeared. Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg appeared on a local television show "The Kathy Fountain Show". They were interviewed and local callers had an opportunity to question them. Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg taped the Geraldo Rivera Show which appear sometime this week. As soon as we know which day, we will be happy to let you know.

If you will be in the Tampa Bay area please plan to visit the LAW WEEK DISPLAY at University Square Mall on May 14 - 17, 1998. Posters of Sabrina will be on hand at that location. The display will be closest to the JC Penny Entrance.

April 16,1998
This is day 144 since Sabrina disappeared. Mr. and Mrs Aisenberg will appear on The Geraldo Rivera Show on Monday, April 20th, on ABC. If you are in the Tampa Bay area, Geraldo airs at 9 AM on Channel 13.

"Extra" will be airing clips previously taped from The Kathy Fountain Show. We do not have a date for this yet. "Extra" airs on Fox in the evening.

April 20,1998
This is day 148 since Sabrina disappeared. Mr. and Mrs Aisenberg appeared on The Geraldo Rivera Show today, Monday, April 20th, on ABC. The segment was titled "Our Baby Is Missing. Why are we the Suspects." The guests included:

Marlene and Steve Aisenberg - Stated that on the night Sabrina was taken, they had to turn on the air conditioner. The night Sabrina was taken was a warm night, yet the kidnapper took her crib blanket. It is the opinion of the webmaster that whoever took Sabrina was thinking about keeping her safe by taking her crib blanket for familiarity. Geraldo asked Marlene to talk to the kidnappers in a plea to bring Sabrina home to her family.

Mark Klaas - Did not let accusations intimidate him. He said he wouldn't have bought a new car (car was leased) because he was concerned what type of pizza to put down his throat. Steve got very upset at this statement. Steve wants his other children to feel safe and have a normal life. His main concern is finding Sabrina and to protect his family. Mark was wearing Sabrina's pin.

Hillary Sessions - Didn't consult with an attorney. Feels the Aisenbergs should talk to the Sheriff. Hillary was wearing Sabrina's pin.

Barry Cohen - They are at definite odds in this case. He wants all interviews recorded and for him to be present. Lt. Brown stated that the stipulations change constantly by Barry Cohen.

Lt. Greg Brown - The spokesperson for the Hillsborough County Sheriff, was interviewed by telephone. He did not confirm or deny the results of the lie detector tests. He said Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg are not the only suspects.

Richard Ratcleff - FBI Lie Detector Examiner. His tests revealed that Steve and Marlene Aisenberg passed the test. Geraldo acted out an example of a hostile polygraph test. Richard was wearing Sabrina's pin.

Geraldo wants the interview to take place between the Aisenbergs and the Sheriff's office. One of Geraldo's spokespersons stated that the speculation of how Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg maintained themselves during interviews by the press is not an issue since Susan Smith cried her eyes out and the whole world believed her. Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg are very motivated in finding Sabrina. They chose not to let negative comments from their accusers take over their life or to change their focus on finding Sabrina.

April 25,1998
This is day 153 since Sabrina disappeared. The talk shows and news media has thrashed over and over again The Aisenbergs vs. The Sheriff's Department. We would like to continue in our focus on finding "Sabrina". It is the opinion of this webmaster that we start over. Let's get Sabrina's photograph and information out to the media. If you see someone who looks like Sabrina, call the local authorities; get a full license plate number. Did you see her in a shopping mall? Did the person who had her use a charge card that can be traced? Have you known anyone recently who has adopted a baby that looks like Sabrina? Do you know of anyone who has lost a baby in the past six months who now has a baby? Do you have an acquaintance who never leaves the house because they have a new baby? Have you checked on this acquaintance to make sure they are alright or might need your help? Please, if you have any information on Sabrina, call the local authorities.

We would like your feedback on a new venture we are beginning. This venture is in the planning stages at this point, but we need all the help we can get to find Sabrina. The "Sabrina Paige Aisenberg Task Force" and "Marvel Creations" have joined forces and are in the process of putting together a fund raising project called "Help Find Sabrina". This will kick off a huge fund raiser for Sabrina's cause. Please forward your comments to either of the two email addresses below or post your comments on the respective Message Boards below.

April 27,1998
This is day 155 since Sabrina disappeared. Mr. and Mrs Aisenberg are scheduled to tape a segment for Sally Jessy Raphael this week. The air date to be advised.

May 6, 1998
This is day 164 since Sabrina disappeared. Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg still do not have an airdate for Sally Jessy Raphael. This website is the Universal Studios Sally site. We are trying very hard to get this date and will post here as soon as we have an answer. The show is called "Unsolved Mysteries". It includes 6 couple of people who have other Unsolved Mysteries. Sally has a main website called Sally On The Web.

May 12, 1998
This is day 170 ( almost 6 months) since Sabrina disappeared. Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg have been helping the Missing Children's Help Center to fold and mail 90,000 flyers for the past week in order to get Sabrina's picture out there. WTSP Channel 10 News aired this story. (It is not presented on their website) Mr. and Mrs. Aisenberg talk about how they will not give up on finding Sabrina! The reminded the public that Sabrina would be 10 1/2 months old now.

There may have been other stories on other evening news shows. I was unable to watch all of them. If by some change I missed giving credit to other news affiliates, I apologize.

May 22, 1998
This is day 180 since Sabrina disappeared. Look for additional stories and news coming Sunday, May 24th. There will be an article in The Tampa Tribune and an interview by Kelly Ring, a local newsperson, at 10pm on Sunday night. Please don't forget National Missing Children's Day on May 25th!

May 24, 1998
This is day 182 since Sabrina disappeared. Sabrina disappeared six months ago today. An article appeared in the The Tampa Tribune called Baby Sabrina Still Missing. Please don't forget National Missing Children's Day on May 25th!

I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the shooting rampage which occurred May 19, 1998 in Tampa, Florida. I would like to add my condolences to the families and friends of the 3 officers who lost their lives. Please see my tribute to these officers ~ In The Line Of Duty.

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