Poetry Written for Sabrina


There once was a child....
So innocent and new....
Her parents' love for her....
Just grew and grew....
Until one day when she was taken....
Her family and friends were so very shaken....
They ask themselves why this had to be....
What they would give if they could just see....
Her smiling face and twinkling eyes....
And hold her tight when she would cry....
But even though Mom and Dad are not there....
There is someone else who truly cares....
An Angel's been sent from up above....
To keep her safe and give her your love....
They'll bring her home to you one day....
To give you the chance once more to say....
How much you love her and missed her so....
Don't give up hope for this I know....

An Angel left this poem for Sabrina
Thank you, Angel

Poem by Alicia Tamika Taylor of Australia

Falling from your eyes
Travelling down the side of your cheek
Till it falls from your face and dies

Have you ever tasted teardrops
While they're streaming from your eyes
When someone very close to you
Has gone for just awhile

Have you ever tasted teardrops
Of pain and broken hearts
It all becomes a bit too much
When your little one departs

The sorrow you must be feeling
I wish that I could mend
Or at least if I could give a hand
Or be a listening friend

I don't even know you
But your pain has touched me deep
Your loss of one so close to you
Has made me think and weep

For I have also felt the pain
Of losing one so close to me
And when I hear your tragic loss
I wonder why people can't see?

Why are people so cruel
To take love and break the spell of another
Why can't they see the connection
Between the daughter and her mother

Have you ever tasted teardrops
When they've dried up all away
Its because that someone close to you
Has finally come back to stay

She will be with you always.
Never forget.

Thank you, Alicia!

The Little Angel

The little angel!
A gift from above...
We showered her
With all our love.

Taken away
A thief in the night!
Our little girl
Who smiled so bright!

Watching over her
She is in God's hands!
For little Sabrina
He has special plans!

So keep the faith
and pray each day!
That the little angel
Will come home today!

A poem for you! By Lisa Brewer

The cry of a child in the night
The sweetest sound in the world
The knowledge the baby's alright
The memory that the sound was heard.
Parents of Baby Sabrina Paige,
Be strong, be true to yourselves
your Lives are now on stage
Though they've been twisted to hell
Be there for eachother, be strong
Never give up hope
Your lives will return, it won't be long
but for now you must cope
God is on your side tonight,
Never give up, keep up the fight.

My heart is with there
My my soul is praying for you.
Kimmie in Ontario


The sorrow running through
like a knife through the chest
A pain that won't die
no matter how you try

The not knowing
gives you no chance
to quit grieving
MY heart goes out to
you and yours
And especially, to
little Sabrina, torn
from her parents' arms
Please God bring Sabrina
back safe from harm.

A special message to the
thief in the night
What goes around
comes around, you
can count on that
That with your selfish
stealing, not stopping to
think of Sabrina's loved ones
feelings - you no not what will
come to you in the future.

How about Sabrina going to school
without a name or vaccination or
a medical certificate - What
will she do? What will you do?

Perchance did you lose your own
child at about the time Sabrina was
born- Did you lurk around Sabrina,
doing grieving of your own.

I wonder if Sabrina's parents have
checked the hospital records for children
born that didn't live - and matched them
with a child that is alive today. A girl child,
a child stolen away.

By Teresa King

What would you know?
You put Sabrina in her crib
With so much love and care
When in the middle of the night
Little Sabrina is gone!

You call the police
As fast as you can
but unfortunately the thief is gone
with all your hopes

What could I say?
What could i do?
The only thing I know
Is that I'm sorry for you

The Little Angel is gone
But don't give up Hope
We all know that someday soon
Sabrina will be back and smile for you

Don't give up faith
Don't give up love
Don't stop the praying
that we all are doing with you

I'm just a little girl
What would I know about parent love
But I'm so touch I understand your pain
But all I can do is pray!

By Isis Marie from Puerto Rico

A Twinkle of Hope

Little baby so tiny
and innocent to all fate
upon a garden of needles
your innocence awaits
for you were an angel of mercy
so tender, not strong
to become a persons great capture
which was terribly wrong
but god smiles on you
and blesses your fears
for your time will be rewarded
after all hope and tears
Sabrina will come back
just keep that in mind
and the person who stole her
and threw away your heart
will die not in heaven
but crash a doom to part.

By ELyse AKA Missy/Miss Angel

A little angel, was sent to earth
With shining eyes, and a smile from birth
With loving parents, to take good care
Of this little angel, and they were aware
That this precious package...was only on loan
For this little angel was God's and his alone
But they didn't expect to be ripped from her so soon
Their little baby angel, stolen, by the light of the moon
And now, they all ask, who could do such a thing?
And for baby Sabrina this song I sing
Oh little angel Such an innocent being
This little angel dissapeared..
In a tragic happening Oh, little baby girl
We love and look for you still
And we know whatever happens
It's all in God's will
So, if you see this angel
Somewhere she shouldn't be
Remember she's someone's baby
And look in her eyes and you'll see
She misses her mommy and daddy
And they miss her also still
And if you don't take the time to notice
Then they probably always will
So please, don't just pass her by
Her parents want her back
This little baby angel Is the joy of life they lack
Oh little angel Such an innocent being
Her nighttime disappearance
Is still a mystery
Please help this little baby
Get back where she should be
Her mom and dad, they miss her
After all, this is their baby.

This poem is dedicated to baby Sabrina and her family. May God be with you and your baby always. I have faith that she will return to you safely. Just trust in Him and stay faithful and your baby will come back to you safely. God will keep her for you always.

Cassandra- age 12-Texas

A Poem For Sabrina

Little child, so afraid
So alone in the world
With no one who cares to hear your cries
Hang in there precious baby girl

Do you even know
That someone did the most horrible thing a person can do?
That your loved ones are sick with grief and worry?
That they long for the most precious thing in their
lives to be returned to them...and that
precious thing is you?

Don't give up hope
It won't be long
Before you are given a gentle kiss goodnight
Or sung a soft, melodic song

You're in our thoughts
Our hearts and our dreams
From this day on
No baby's face will go unseen

We hope that one day you'll be returned
To the ones that miss you and love you so dear
And we will rejoice
When at last that day is here

©Daniella Hupp
Princess Anne, Maryland

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