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Books About Java

Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide

by Simon Roberts, Philip Heller, Michael Ernest . Sun Microsystems--the creator of Java--has two Java Certification Exams--one for programmers and one for developers. This Study Guide is the ultimate authority for both of the Sun Certification Tests! The lead author of Sybex's Java 1.2 Certification Study Guide actually developed the exams for Sun. Roberts was the key player in the concept, strategy, and implementation of the test guidelines, and also developed the questions. The Study Guide is organized according to the exam objectives defined by Sun. Every single objective is covered, reinforced with sample questions and annotated answers. The book has a stamp of approval from the Sun Education Team, and includes a CD with an exclusive Java exam test engine.

Core Java, Volume 1: Fundamentals, 4/e

by Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell. If you need to get something done in Java, Core Java 1.2, Volume 1--Fundamentals is one of the best books you can turn to for assistance. It's devoid of shaky, academic examples and packed with robust demonstrations that illustrate hundreds of powerful concepts.
This book begins with an explanation of the Java programming and execution environments in general terms and then provides specific examples of how to put key parts of the core packages to work. The authors back up the many examples with sharp, fact-rich commentary on how to get things done with Java. This volume covers data structures, object orientation, events, applets, input/output, and Swing.

The Java Virtual Machine Specification (2nd Ed) (Java Series)

by Tim Lindholm, Frank Yellin. In this book, you will find comprehensive coverage of the Java Virtual Machine class file format and instruction set. In addition, directions for compiling for the Java Virtual Machine with numerous practical examples clarify how the Java Virtual Machine operates in practice. The book also demonstrates the Java Virtual Machine's powerful verification techniques. In all, the book provides sufficient detail to enable you to implement your own fully-compatible Java Virtual Machine.

Graphic Java 2, Mastering the JFC: Swing

(Sun Microsystems Press Java Series) by David M. Geary. From Sun Microsystems Press and Prentice Hall comes the definitive guide to Swing: an exhaustive reference spanning more than 1600 pages. Clearly and concisely written and loaded with illustrative code examples, Graphic Java provides the most comprehensive Swing coverage available.

Part I (360 pages) discusses fundamental Swing concepts such as Swing component architecture, the JComponent class, borders, icons, actions, Swing and multithreading, Swing utilities, and pluggable look and feel.

Swing components are the focus throughout the rest of the book. In addition to code examples that illustrate component use, components are further explored with class diagrams, property and event tables, and a look at AWT compatibility. The final third of the book is devoted to Swing's most complex components: lists, combo boxes, tables, trees, and the text package.

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