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John F. Kennedy Jr., 1960-1999

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Books on JFK Jr. & Family

The J.F.K. Jr. Scrapbook
By Stephen J. Spignesi.

A lavishly illustrated look at one of the most admired men in America, The J.F.K.Jr. Scrapbook presents the ultimate guide to the life and times of thisup-and-coming Kennedy, including detailed information on his love life, career,family, future, and the skeletons that lurk in his closet. Photos, many incolor.

John F. Kennedy Jr. 
A Life in the Spotlight
By Michael Druitt, Montague Druitt

Every move he makes makes news. With a salute, John F. Kennedy, Jr., won the hearts of all America 35 years ago. He's been part of the American scene since the day of his birth and his large, extended family has been plagued by tragedy and tarnished by scandal. In this fascinating, unauthorized biography, the author goes beyond "The Hunk's" exquisite exterior to give us a glimpse into JFK Jr., the man.

The J.F.K. Jr. Scrapbook
By Richard D. Mahoney.

This intriguing book brings a fresh perspective to bear on the intimate, charged partnership of John and Robert Kennedy. The author, Richard D. Mahoney, whose father was a friend of Bobby's and an appointee of Jack's, has both the academic and political experience necessary to evaluate evidence of the Kennedys' relations with the Mafia, anti-Castro rebels, and other groups lurking in the shadows of American life. He also has a sharp eye for the brothers' differing yet complementary personalities. Jack was intellectual and cheerfully cynical, with a zest for pleasure increased by a life-threatening illness concealed from the public. He looked to passionate, partisan Bobby for bulldog-like political support and used his brother as a "moral compass" when planning his administration's actions on civil rights, the corruption of organized labor, and the containment of Communism. Their powerful father, Joseph--whose deep pockets basically bought Jack the presidency and at the same time compromised it because of Joseph's links to organized crime--looms over the brothers as the author of a Faustian bargain that may well have played a role in JFK's assassination. Mahoney's vivid, compulsively readable text offers suggestive questions rather than definitive answers, but it certainly succeeds as a bracing corrective to "America's inability to see its history as tragedy," a failure Jack and Bobby emphatically did not share.

All Too Human
The Love Story of Jack and Jackie Kennedy
By Edward Klein

A swift, dramatic and colorful read. Publishers Weekly * A New York Times Bestseller * A Book-of-the-Month Club Selection. Of all the great love stories of our time, none has remained as shrouded in secrecy and misunderstanding as that of Jack and Jackie Kennedy. Their marriage was a riveting duet of beauty, power, triumph and tragedy. Now Edward Klein casts a whole new light on the golden couple that was both extraordinary and all too human.

Jack and Jackie
Portrait of an American Marriage
By Christopher P. Andersen

Theirs was one of the great love stories of our time. Indeed, John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, captured and have held the world's imagination as perhaps no other husband and wife in modern history.More than just the definitive portrait of their marriage, this is a fairy tale, a stirring saga, and a love story. Includes a 32-page photo insert. National author media.

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