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A Cup of Christmas Tea
By Tom Hegg  Warren Hanson (Illustrators)

This heartwarming poembrings the true meaning of Christmas joyously to life. Reluctantly, in the midstof the Christmas rush, a man decides to go visit his ailing Great Aunt, butwhile there, peace and love and wonderful Christmas spirit surround the two ofthem as they share a cup of Christmas Tea.

A Memory of Christmas Tea
By Tom Hegg, Warren Hanson (Illustrator)

Tom Hegg seems quite unashamed to be sentimental. Revisiting the themes of his first book, A Cup of Christmas Tea, Hegg again gently chides his reader to remember the important things in life; taking the time to take time for others is central to his work. As always with Hegg's work, this is not a poem for the cynical, or indeed for those whose poetry must be "deep". It is straightforward, and unabashedly honest. Hegg revisits his narrator's great aunt, and the message she taught him many years before, but does so in such a way that avoids being sugary sweet. Her influence, gentle but firm, prompts the narrator to make time to find Christmas within, and share a cup of Christmas Tea with "someone"...we never know who, and it doesn't really matter. If you are a fan of Hegg and Hanson's work, you will love A Memory of Christmas Tea. If you're new to this pair, read A Cup of Christmas Tea first. The echoes in words, and in Hanson's nuanced illustrations of the firstbook make the sequel all the richer.

The Tea Party Book
By Lucille Recht Penner, Jody Wheeler (Illustrator)

Little girls will be inspired to have tea parties with this guide to the art of the tea party. Brimming with simple menus, kid-pleasing recipes, and lovely decoration  rainy-day and garden teas.

The Afternoon Tea Book
By Michael Smith, Michael R.P. Bartlett

This book describes every aspect of the teatime ritual and allows readers to re-create at home a complete English tea. Also contains a complete collection of recipes.

Afternoon Teas
By Pam McKee, Lin Webber, Ann Krum

Amish Cooking. Over 800 delicious recipes from traditional Amish and Mennonite kitchens.

Alexandra Stoddard's Tea Celebrations
The Way to Serenity
By Alexandra Stoddard

Take time out for a restful tea break! Stoddard's personal philosophy is of a decidedly Eastern persuasion: life should be celebrated through the ceremony of tea. This doyenne of interior decorating extols the benefits of making quiet times a regular part of each day, where one enjoys solitary, contemplative moments over a simple cup of tea. Stoddard also suggests unhurried tea parties for good friends or honored guests as a sure way of improving the quality of life through the sharing of carefully prepared light fare, fragrant teas, and treasured cups, teapots, linens, and other special items to enhance these occasions. Recipes for assorted goodies are included, and there will be line drawings to illustrate Stoddard's upbeat text.

The Book of Afternoon Tea
By Lesley MacKley

Now cooks everywhere can master the time-honored tradition of afternoon tea. Over 100 delicious, illustrated recipes teach the art of preparing traditional tea cakes and sandwiches and offer contemporary alternatives. Mackley tells how to brew the perfect cup of tea, covers the myriad of teas available, and presents menu suggestions. Color photographs.

The Pleasures of Tea
Recipes & Rituals
By Kim Waller, Nancy Lindemeyer

This book is gorgeous to look at just like Victoria magazine, but the content is not very substantial. It makes a good book for a cozy tea table, but for recipes or other information you might want to look elsewhere.

Steeped in Tea
Creative Ideas, Activities & Recipes for Tea Lovers
By Diana Rosen

Steeped in Tea takes you through the ages and around the world exploring the time-honored appreciation of tea. Author Diana Rosen explains the differences in tea varieties, instructs how to brew a perfect pot, and reveals her own romance with tea.

She then shares her suggestions for celebrating the experience of tea by leading you through their own home and garden, pointing out how personal spaces can be enhanced through the enjoyment of tea.

Steeped in Tea is also dedicated to introducing friends and family to the total tea experience. Rosen provides ideas for innovative tea events, such as picnics, parties, and traditional cultural celebrations -- complete with complementary menus, and suggests creative gift projects to delight tea-lovers. She even gives traditional instructions for divining your future through tea leaves!

The Charms of Tea
Reminiscences and Recipes
By Victoria Magazine

The tradition of tea time has long been a cherished one, bringing tranquil settings to the mind, delicate refreshments to the palate, and warm conversation with good friends to the heart.

The Charms of Tea plays tribute to the elegant ritual with inspirational writings, recipes and special menus, andexquisite art and photography that set the mood for this very special time of day.

Share tea time with Lewis Caroll's Alice, Anne of Green Gables, Mr. Chips, and even Peter Pan. Lose yourself in the writings of Henry James, Daphne du Maurier, Saki, Marcel Proust, and M.F.L. Fisher as they share their thoughts on the delights and comforts of tea.

There are nearly 65 recipes for making sweets and savories, including such classic teatime treats as CucumberSandwiches with Mint Butter, Currant and Pecan Scones, Sage Bread, Spiced Blackberry Jam, Raspberry and Lemon Curd Hearts, and Chocolate Torte. You'll learn the secrets of preparing and serving the perfect pot of tea, the wonderful variety of tea leaves to choose from, suggestions for beautiful table settings, and unique menu ideas for picnic teas, breakfast teas, garden teas, and nursery teas.

The Charms of Tea, with its delightful reminiscences and delicious recipes, is to be shared, savored, and treasured as the tradition of tea itself has been for more than two centuries.

Taking Tea With Alice
Looking-Glass Tea Parties and Fanciful Victorian Teas
By Dawn Hylton Gottlieb, Diane Sedo

This delightful party planner combines the magic of Alice in Wonderland with the timeless charm of tea, showing readers how to create six of their own magical tea parties with "Alice" themes, and featuring recipes for a wide variety of scrumptious treats. Full-color illustrations & photos.

Afternoon Tea Serenade
(Menus and Music)
By Sharon O'Connor

Afternoon tea is a time for relaxation and revitalization. Served in an elegant manner with music playing softly in the background, it typically features delectable small sandwiches, scones, cakes, and pastries. For cooks who want to create this civilized experience at home, here are recipes from the finest places to have tea in the United States, Canada, and England, along with tips on brewing the perfect pot and a guide to the worlds teas.

Country Tea Parties
By Maggie Stuckey, Carolyn Bucha

The perfect gift for the artist, gardener, or hostess: a beautifully illustrated menu cookbook with delightful recipes for parties of two to ninety-nine. Organized by the month, the bookoffers interesting, creative, and eminently doable ideas for 12 special tea parties, from a twelfth night Party in January to June's Bridal Shower to a September Hiker's tea. Artist Carolyn Bucha, whose work is seen in many Casparicards, has created exquisite jewel-toned watercolors to highlight the menus and recipes.

Having Tea
Recipes and Table Settings
By Tricia Foley, Keith S. Morton (Photographer), Catherine Calvert

What could be cozier on a blustery winter's day than a mug of tea by the fire with freshly baked Irish soda bread slathered with sweet butter and tangy orange marmalade? Or more invigorating on a crisp, cool afternoon in autumn than a picnic in the country with sharp English cheeses; crusty white peasant bread; vegetable, cheese, and apple tarts; and Thermoses of steaming warm tea? Or a better way to celebrate the ripe berries of summer than a dessert party tea in the garden with lemon-curd tartlets, raspberry shortcake, raspberry sorbet, sugar cookies, and tea served in flowered china cups?

A cookbook and style book, Having Tea includes a range of stunning locations with recipes, menus, table settings, and serving ideas for tea. There are formal and elegant teas that ring in the winter holidays with rich dark fruitcake, shortbread, brandy snaps, and sherried English trifle; a tea for one in the study with spicy ginger Bundt cake and aplate of cookies; and tea for two in a loft, with slow-scrambled eggs, cornmeal muffins and apple butter, and panfried tomatoes sprinkled with fresh tarragon. Each menu provides suggestions for the ideal tea to suit the meal.

Since the American style of tea drinking originated in England, Having Tea goes to the source to show two classic English tea rooms, tea at the Savoy Hotel in London, and a tea dance at London's Waldorf. In addition, there are special sections on the history and different varieties of teas, selections of teapots and tea services, and directions forbrewing the perfect pot of tea. A final section, the "Tea Larder," offers ideas for tea trimmings from honey to mint or ginger, tea sandwiches, and a directory of mail-order sources for tea.

With approximately fifty recipes for tea sandwiches, crumpets, scones, cookies, and cakes as well as hearty tea-timemeals, Having Tea will make you want to make having tea part of your day. It shows how, far more than a beverage, tea is a grand indulgence that provides food for the body and the soul.

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