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The Victorian Home
The Grandeur and Comforts of the Victorian Era, in Households Past and Present
By Ellen M. Plante

To recreate the Victorian style of decorating may conjure upnightmarish visions of over-the-top, frilly curtains and heavy, depressing colors. Luckily, Ellen M. Plante reveals how to tastefully transform any room into an elegant and comfortable living space--frills are not compulsory! The Victorian Home is not only a beautifully written design guide to reviving rooms from this era, it's also a fascinating history lesson on the culture of the mid- to late-19th-century gentrified society in Britain. For this privileged class, the home was the "center of the universe, a safe haven from a rapidly industrializing society." Therefore, every chair, ornament, and light fixture was carefully chosen and exquisitely arranged to create a look of maximum opulence. Today, the reasons to "go Victorian" are much simpler. This look can be a lovely addition to any home--a look that is both timeless and elegant. The rooms photographed in The Victorian Home reflect the wonderful versatility of this era. Some rooms merely capture the essence of the period in the style of the fireplace or the choice of wallpaper. Other rooms duplicate the era in every minute detail, right down to the arrangement of dishes and cutlery on a dinner table. Throughout this elegant book are useful sidebars providing tips and techniques for Victorian decorating, and a comprehensive index of expressions and terms. 

Wild Women
Crusaders, Curmudgeons, and Completely Corsetless Ladies in the Otherwise Virtuous Victorian Era
By Autumn Stephens

A fascinating and sometimes humorous glimpse into the lives of 150 19th-century American women who refused to whittle themselves down to the Victorian model of proper womanhood. 50-black-and-white photos.

3000 Shoes from 1896
By Geo. D. Ramsdell, Roseann Ettinger

Here is a new look at some very smart, old shoes. In 1896, detailed engravings of 3000 styles of shoes and boots for men, women, and children were cataloged for sale by Geo. D. Ramsdell of Rochester, N.Y. They included the most fashionable designs in shoes for a discriminating clientele. Today, these shoe designs look romantic and stylish and enjoy renewed popularity among the young and old alike. The styles shown here will inspire another look at the beautiful shapes, materials, and workmanship.

Celluloid Treasures of the Victorian Era
Identification & Values
By Joan Van Patten, Elmer Williams, Peggy Williams

Collector's Guide to Victoriana
(Wallace-Homestead Collector's Guide Series)

By O. Henry MacE

Victoria, Intimate Home
Creating a Private World
By Victoria

We all need a haven, a place to soothe, restore, and refresh our spirits after the stress and demands of everyday life. This place can exist for everyone in her own home with a little imaginative decorating. Welcome to Victoria Intimate Home, the first book devoted to the emotional furnishings that can transform an ordinary house into a private, tranquil oasis. Here beauty and serenity co-exist with function. In Victoria Intimate Home personal pursuits are explored, and one might find a basket with stationary and a pen next to the sofa, or a chair by the window for solitary reverie. Bedrooms and baths are designed with grace ad light in mind, where one can greet the morning and perform daily grooming rituals surrounded by favorite things. With more than 85 glorious color photographs accompanying the text, conversations with homeowners who have mastered the art of the intimate home, and poetry and prose from such beloved writers as Virginia Woolf, Honor de Balzac, and Saki, Intimate Home pays tribute to private spaces, encouraging beauty in all things and joyful love of life and its round of daily pleasures.

Formal Victorian
(Architecture and Design Library)
By Ellen M. Plante 

Replete with jam-packed rooms and luscious details, FormalVictorianmelds architectural profiles, sumptuous interior decor, and stylish displays of collectibles into a handsome package. Apart from a one-page introduction to each of the five sections (exterior decoration; interior details; dressing walls, windows, and floors; elegant furnishings; and traditional touches), the text consists of extensive captions outlining points of Victorian style and offering hints for transposing these looks into your own home. Though the Victorians often tended toward darker colors, some of the photos are a bit too dark, but the intriguing details still manage to shine through.

Victoria at Home With Roses
By Jeanine Larmoth

Victoria At Home with Roses pays tribute to this wondrous flower in all its incarnations, from rosebuds on the bedroom wallpaper to intricate needlepoint upholstery on the sofa, from bold china patterns to shy embroidered linens, from painted heirloom furniture to homemade potpourri. The rose has the power to create an "English cottage" look;transform the living room into a wedding celebration; set the table for tea for two or a Christmas banquet for twenty. It sweetens both bed and bath with rose-patterned linens and scents of rosy sachets and pomanders. And, of course, it makes even the tiniest garden sublime, turns the simplest bouquet into a masterpiece. More than 120 photographs stand as eloquent proof of the wonder and beauty of this flower at home.


The Victorian Lady
By Alan Maley, Janna C. Walkup
As a "Victorian Lady" at heart, I felt this was a wonderful story of the Victorian Age. I could almost picture myself as the ladies they describe. I loved it! It's a book I'll read over and over again.

The Light of the Home
An Intimate View of the Lives of Women in Victorian America
By Harvey Green, Mary E. Perry, Margaret Strong
This book has some interesting tidbits and some cute details about women's life 100 years ago. Lots of info about how they dressed and personal hygiene and some housework information. It is an easy read. The book is over 200 pages, but the margins are huge. I'm an old house fanatic and a history buff and this book didn't quite hit the spot for me, but it's in my personal library as a good reference work.

The Victorian Art of Expressing Yourself in the Language of Flowers
By Gerladine Adamich Laufer
Rediscover the language of flowers, and the art of making them speak. A celebration of craft, lore, and language, TUSSIE MUSSIES is a stunning, full-color guide to tussie mussies, how to make them, and how the symbolic meanings of flowers and herbs have developed over centuries. A floral poet, Geri Laufer shows how to make 60 bouquets--tussie mussies to declare Ardent Love, say Happy Birthday, wish Congratulations, express Sympathy, celebrate a Newborn, mark an Anniversary, or honor a Mentor.

The Language of Flowers
By Gerladine Adamich Laufer
A celebration of craft, lore, and language, Tussie-Mussies is a full-color guide to tussie-mussies, how to make them, and how the symbolic meanings of flowers and herbs have developed over the centuries. Roses that are red mean only one thing-Love-while a yellow rose may range from Friendship to Jealousy. Daisies are for Innocence, ivy for Fidelity, rosemary for Remembrance. Then comes the delightful task of arranging individual flowers and herbs together to compose a specific message to a friend or loved one. A floral poet, Geraldine Laufer shows how to make 60 bouquets-tussie-mussies to declare Ardent Love, say Happy Birthday, celebrate a Newborn, mark an Anniversary, honor a Mentor, admit an Infatuation, or even announce a Bitter Rivalry. Indeed, any sentiment can be crafted with a few blooms, woolen yarn, and scissors.

Cynthia Hart's Victoriana 2004 Wall Calendar
Gift Collection With Calendar
Like the period it celebrates, CYNTHIA HART'S VICTORIANA is the calendar of wonderful excess-hundreds of rare jewel-like antique paper pieces, rich fabrics, lace collectibles, and a riot of fresh flowers happily mingle in its enticing collages.


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