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Marvelicious Designs Credit

It is not necessary to ask for permission to use my FREE sets or FREE backgrounds. The matching designs which are located on this page is NOT from my free collection and will only be used by me. The only cost for displaying my designs is to give credit to me as the artist. Most of the sets that I make , contain a credit button. For the others that do not have credit buttons, you may use any of the buttons below. Please provide a courtesy link back to http://www.marvelcreations.com/bg.html.

There are a lot of questions regarding copyright of my FREE sets and backgrounds. The matching graphics from the design site were made by me. I retain the copyright to these graphics, even though you will be using them on your site. Thank you.



Cursor Trailer Text

Lots of questions have been received regarding the Cursor Trailer Text on some of these these sites. This format is dhtml and can be located at Dynamic Drive.

Placing Your Border Backgrounds

To use a border design on your web pages so that your text is aligned correctly for Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers, place this code in your HTML document just after the body background and text color tags:

<table width=85% align=right><tr><td>

You can still use this method by adjusting the table width. If your content is still not aligned correctly, decrease the table width. At the very end of your page, just before the closing body & html tags, close your table like this:


Placing Your Triple Backgrounds

To use triple borders on your web pages so that your text is aligned correctly for ALL Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers, place this HTML code just after the body background and text color tags:

The tip below will show you how to set up your webpage tables using 3 matching backgrounds. Instead of telling you how to set this page up, it will be the easiest if you just copied the codes below.

Place the code below your </HEAD> tag:






Place your page content here. Be sure to change the names of your 3 backgrounds to your graphic names. The code #COLOR should be replaced with your six digit color number.

<!------END OF PAGE CONTENT------>

Place the codes below at the end of your page:


Page Exits

In order to have your site open and close with Page exits, you can experiment with the Transition numbers below. I've tried them from 1 to 15 (Transition=12).

<!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan -->
<meta http-equiv="Page-Exit" content="revealTrans(Duration=6.0,Transition=2)">
<meta http-equiv="Site-Exit" content="revealTrans(Duration=10.0,Transition=7)">
<style type="text/css">
<!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan -->

Placing Your Music

To place music on your web page music plays consistently, place this code in your HTML document:

<bgsound="song.mid"><embed src="song.mid" autostart=true controls width=51 height=15 controls=smallconsole loop=true></embed>

Placing Fonts On Your Website

To place a specified font on your web page, this is a sample code to use in your HTML document:

<font size= "3" face="Book Antiqua">

Place your text on the site. At the end of your text place:


Sample Fonts

You can change your fonts

Like this if you would like

Or Even Like this!

Just remember one thing ~ if you have downloaded a font from a site and you place that font in your HTML code, it may be a font others do not normally keep in their computers. In this case, your font will default back to the normal font. Others will not see your special font. However, you will be able to see it because you have it in your computer.

How To Copy/Paste

This tip will save you a lot of typing! In order to copy/paste:

1. To highlight, place your mouse cursor to the left of the text you would like to copy. Hold down your left mouse button and drag it over the text you wish to highlight. Release your mouse button. You will see the text highlighted!
2. Click on edit. Click on Copy. Your text is now copied.
3. Move to the document or area you wish that text to be placed. Left click your mouse to place your cursor where you want it pasted.
4. Click on edit. Click on Paste.

You have now moved the text without typing everything all over again. This is the first function I learned when Windows first came out! It's a very helpful tool and saves time.


I have had several requests for certain fonts used in this site. I have saved a few for you below. If you do not understand the code I have placed above, I also have a Graphics Links section below that has numerous links to graphics and tutorials.

I have a lot of questions regarding what software I use to make my graphics. I use several programs and can not pin it down to one particular one. In order to obtain a certain effect in my graphics, it takes practice and lots of patience. Listed below you will find a software site I have set up that tells you about all of the software I use. You may also order these programs directly from that site.

Marvelicious Fonts
Graphics Links by Marvelicious
Software I Use
Basic HTML tips

To AOL Users
If you are building a site on AOL and are using a AOL browser in order to copy/save images to your own harddrive, under your Preference menu, turn off the Use Compressed Graphics option. Without this option, the images will be saved in an AOL format and will give you broken images when we all visit your site using Netscape or MSIE. For further information see: Web Development on America Online.

If you are viewing our site with AOL 3.0, go to keyword "Preferences"; if your using 4.0, go to "My AOL", then choose the option "Preferences". Click on the "WWW" button. Click on the "Web Graphics" tab. UNCHECK the "Use Compressed Graphics" box, click on "apply", then "ok".

If not, try to keep in mind that our sites are correct, just not to you and other people who are using AOL's browser. Please do not send me angry emails. We know what the problem is, we just can not fix it for you, but maybe you can. I have listed several options above to help set your browser and computer to the correct specifications in order to browse our site and the site of millions of other people correctly. Other fine tips can be seen at Web Development on America Online. Thank you and have a happy day.

If you are using a MAC, click-HOLD when you are over the image of your choice, then save to your hard drive.

If you are using WebTV, see WebTV Uploading of Graphics

This site is best viewed at 800x600, high resolution color, using Netscape Navigator 2.0 or better. If you're using Windows 95/98, get to your desktop and right-click your mouse button. Go to Properties and left-click. Select the Settings tab. On the Desktop Area slider bar, adjust selector until you reach 800 by 600 pixels and your Viewport Area is also 800 by 600 pixels. On the Color Palette select High Color (16 bit). Click OK and enjoy Marvelicious!

Other Useful Tips
A Word To The Wise
Basic HTML Tips
Don't Steal Bandwidth
Bandwidth Theif
Graphics Artists Have Feelings Too
U.S. Copyright Office
Web Development on America Online
WebTV Uploading of Graphics

The graphics on this page are for my exclusive use for this site only. Please do not take them.

A brief note about linking to our graphics...I love everyone who visits our site and you are welcome anytime, however, there are some people who are using our bandwidth! If you are using our bandwidth, please don't do this ~ it is wrong. There are lots of free sites for uploading your own graphics and midis. We pay for our site and for the right to have our own domain name. We know who you are...in fact we track everyone who visits our site. So please do the right thing and upload to your own Provider. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated!

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