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The Christmas Letter

I have a list of folks I know,
All written in a book,
And every year when Christmas comes,
I go and take a look.

And that is when I realize
That these names are more a part
Not only of the book they're in
But of my very heart...

For I am but a total
Of the many folks I've met.
And you are one of those
Whose love I'll ne'er forget.

And whether I have known you now
For many years or few,
In some way you have had a part
In shaping things I do.

And every year when Christmas comes,
I realize this anew;
The best gift life can offer me
Is meeting friends like you.

~~Author Unknown


Reading the Christmas Cards

By: Maureen Cannon

The little room grows warmer, full of light
Somehow, although the deep December dark
Sits just beyond the window, and the night
Is icy-cold and silent. Silent? "Hark
the Herald Angels" is a choir-song
From somewhere just behind my chair, small boys
With scrubbed and shining faces dressed in long
Red robes. They make a lovely joyful noise.

I smile and choose another envelope
From one fat pile. Inside the words, alive
Dance in and out of holly, bright with hope
(Though some are touched with sadness). Four or five
Bedazzled Christmas angels, sweet and sage,
Fly out of paper heavens, and my lap
Is angel-dotted! Leaping off a page,
A Santa beams. A jester in a cap

Is perched above a comma. Bright birds soar
Where postscripts are, Oh, friends, how very dear
You are, and present and accounted for,
All, all of you, miraculously-HERE!


Christmas Card To My Friends

Marvelicious Victorian Christmas Card

Marvelicious Victorian Christmas Card


Christmas Cards From My Friends

Gift From Deb Alleman

Gift from Deb Alleman!


Gift From My Good Friend, Kaye Des'Ormeaux

Gift From Jeanne



Gift From Gayle

Gift From Slane



Gift From Patti aka ~Sweetp~




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